Why we exist

The art of business signage is to maintain brand integrity. Not create an identity crisis.

Since opening our doors in 1987, Ultrasign's business culture has always been to begin each signage project with a thorough understanding of the brand values which need to shine through for each client – and clear insights into the professional image they seek to convey.

From a marketing perspective, it enables us to think strategically in developing and crafting quality creative solutions targeted towards a defined audience; and just as importantly, to make carefully considered signage decisions which ensure that a consistent (and cohesive) brand ID is achieved in the most compelling and cost efficient manner.

Whether we're discussing modern signage options for your business premises, fleet of vehicles or promotional activity, our focus is firmly centred on maintaining brand integrity – and using our 25 years of experience to enhance how your business is both physically seen and mentally perceived.

Well-planned and executed signage has the power to create lasting, business-attracting impressions. But performed without proper thought, it can have the unwanted impact of sending customers a message that compromises your very market identity.

This is why Ultrasigns never just quickly 'knocks together' a 'no charge' signage design to accompany a quote. Or makes snap judgements about your needs.

What our longstanding clients all respect is that while we respond with speed, we don't ever act in haste. When work is produced with finesse, it protects everyone's reputation.


A highly respected Melbourne based business, Ultrasigns services a wide variety of local and national brand clients and is an active member of the Australian Sign & Graphics Association.

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